Naturabloom 100% Pure New Zeland Manuka Honey with MGO 322+ Certification (250g) – Best Manuka Honey Raw Immune Boosting, Antibacterial Honey – Manuka Health for Balance and Wellbeing


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With a rich, dark color, characteristic of the great Manuka Honey of old, our Naturabloom genuine single-strain New Zeland Manuka Honey from the Puhoi Valley is at once a natural medicine and a delicacy for the senses. Certified to contain a minimum of 322g/kg MGO (responsible for the honey’s famous antibacterial and antibiotic functions), every jar is more than enough to help you strengthen your immune system, prophylactically disinfect and preventatively protect your body from pathogens! If the properties alone don’t sway you, then perhaps this famed superfood’s outstandingly deep and complex flavor will win your passions – It certainly did ours! Every bite is a satin-smooth flurry of deep and saturated flavors, smoothly hitting notes few would try to name, let alone describe in detail. From the thread of Eucalyptus, to the barley undertones and the subtle caramel bitterness, it’s decadence and euphoria embodied. You’ll just have to try for yourself.