BL Color Play 2 Pack OF 16 Nail Polish Set – Outstanding Radiant Nail Varnish Sets for Women Who Love a Radiant Daily Life – Pro Quality Quick Dry Nail Polish Sets For Women Connoisseurs…


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There’s nothing that shines brighter than a pristine & colorful manicure. With BL’s “Color Play” 16 pack, you can give yourself a standout touch for those days that need some extra color. Each nail polish in the pack exhibits exceptional coverage, lasting, saturated color, and a perfectly balanced, alluring shine. Always on the go? Application is as simple as using our precision-designed wide contour brush. It saves you time and improves the quality of each coat, so there’s always time for an on the go BL manicure, even today’s busy times. Stand out at your favorite restaurant; hone in that sexy late-night festival look; add a coat of rainbow seduction before your next date. No matter what the occasion, BL’s “Color Play” 16 pack has just the right sunny tones to liberate the desires of your dynamic character and to share them with the mesmerizing world around you. Looking for a perfect gift for a manicure connosieur? Someone you love adores brilliant colors? Manicures are an artform, and art is as much about aesthetics as it is about self-expression. Thanks to our art-adorned luxury cardboard gift box, the professional-level artistic manicurist tools in the box set find themselves perfectly encased as gifts, in the scenario that you already have a set yourself (and we know you won’t be left without one once you see it).