Bold, busy and independent

After graduating law school, Tina spent many years in London’s corporate world, where she worked in investment banking and private equity, focused on environmental awareness. This is where she developed a growing interest in renewable energy sources and sustainability issues. As a woman in such an intensely competitive field, Tina had to always be sharp and on point in the world.

“Every day I had to meet some of the world’s top CFOs and CEOs, to present both myself and my work with upmost confidence. As a woman in the Mayfair whirlpool, I had to put double the effort any man would – both in my work and my appearance. One of my greatest insecurities stemmed from the tedious acne I have been struggling with from an early age. My parents have been long involved in the beauty industry and I have been partially involved in the business my whole life, trying out different products and comparing the ingredients.

The more I researched, the more I came to realize that the cosmetic industry was oversaturated with unsustainable products, most of which not only contain a number of harmful ingredients, but also come in unsustainable packaging. It became a real struggle for me to choose a single beauty product I could really trust and rely on. My natural curiosity was triggered and that is how a new passion of mine emerged.”

NATURABLOOM is a new-age brand that reinvents the concept of luxury in the beauty industry. It is our true belief that luxury is no longer defined by pompous packaging and lavish use of materials and should not come at the cost of environmental destruction. On the contrary – nowadays people are much more involved with the concept of sustainability and environmentalawareness in every aspect of our lives

The cosmetic industry is a vast producer of plastic pollution, generating more than 120 billion units of packaging each year – most of which are not recyclable. That is essentially why we are dedicated to transforming the beauty industry by combining science with ethics to create conscious innovation and have a meaningful, positive impact on the nature and communities. Our precious, high performing formulas combine the power of nature and science to offer best in class beauty products with high efficiency. We are constantly looking for the purest and most effective ingredients to create powerful, but also caring formulas that deliver excellent results.

All our products are clean, natural, safe, high performing and most importantly – sustainable. Our formulas are created and tested by us, on real people with respect to every skin colour and type. At NATURABLOOM we never test on animals.
“We intend to fight against the common stereotypes of lavish spenders and create a new type of accessible luxury that is both caring and high-performing, but also focused on naturality. NATURABLOOM is a new-age brand, created with the knowledge that it is our duty and responsibility to protect our Planet and fight for a sustainable future.”